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Special Acoustic Set at Mercury Lounge in NYC Wednesday 8/14 at 7pm. Opening for Kill The Alarm!!!

"'Dishonest' - which is a tropical vibed jam with a catchy vocal melody" - Sensei 

"Today, we get to help WANDERRAVEN showcase his debut release entitled 'Dishonest' - which is a tropical vibed jam with a catchy vocal melody. This is just one of the upcoming singles to be released off the album. Being a singer/songwriter at heart, he embraced the tradition of music city and co-wrote most of the tracks on the album. One of the two he penned himself, 'Wild One', sounds most like it was recorded in the Nashville that comes to mind when one hears the city’s name. The majority of the songs however are a beat driven blend of electronic drums, pop synths and funky guitars that keep the groove permeating throughout, while subtle accents of acoustic guitar reveal a human touch. Lyrically, karmic memories and aspirations emerge, dealing with the real world, our spiritual path, and relationships - all delivered authentically in a distinctive voice." 

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"WANDERRAVEN is one of those artists that can amaze you"if you allow them to" - 

Thank you Cheers To The Vikings.

"WANDERRAVEN is one of those artists that can amaze you if you allow them to. You don’t hear them on the radio much, you don’t get to hear about them often, but once you download their tracks in your player, you can listen to them all the time, and never get tired of their music. The singer has an attractive vocal tone, ‘DISHONEST’is perfect for anyone looking for something new and exciting while serving an undeniably catchy arrangement and production style." 

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PRACTICE THE FUTURE - Record is Complete 

The debut album, PRACTICE THE FUTURE, is complete. The first single, "Dishonest", drops in June.  Sign up on the mailing list to stay in the know about the official release and upcoming summer tour dates.