This New Jersey native, after traveling the country and the world over with acclaimed rock band Honor By August, set up life in East Nashville and began recording his debut solo album. Heavily influenced by great songwriters and the worldwide connection to a hot beat, WANDERRAVEN has created a sonic landscape that makes you feel good but also has depth. 

A singer/songwriter at heart, Michael Pearsall embraced the tradition of music city and co-wrote most of the tracks on the album. One of the two he penned himself, “Wild One”, sounds most like it was recorded in the Nashville that comes to mind when one hears the city’s name. The majority of the songs however are a beat driven blend of electronic drums, pop synths and funky guitars that keep the groove permeating throughout, while subtle accents of acoustic guitar reveal a human touch. Lyrically, karmic memories and aspirations emerge, dealing with the real world, our spiritual path, and relationships - all delivered authentically in a distinctive voice.

Drawing on an array of influences (The Weeknd, Maroon 5, Justin Timberlake, Ed Sheeran, Chromeo, Gotye) the songs are well crafted and elevated by tasteful production.  Passionately high vibes remain as songs change, offering new perspectives. As the album progresses, it gives way to intimacy and intention. The process leaves you with all the feels in mind, body and spirit with moments of magic calling you to new levels. 

If music is a guide for sacred journeys, WANDERRAVEN is here to make an offering: 

Practice The Future.


photo : Chad Crawford

photo : Chad Crawford